365 Days | #15 | Wild Wheat Bakery

mmmmmmm……..Fresh Baked Bread

I have (like many people) a passion for good bread. I’m excited to have Wild Wheat on the Shore now (originally in Mt Eden) and visit a few times a week to buy my bread. This is the good stuff, mainly artisan and mainly sourdough (their apple based starter is reputedly 10 years old!). If you think sourdough bread is not to your liking, put your prejudices aside and go sample some of the Wild Wheat product. It’s wonderful! I’m slowly working my way through all the flavours, and standouts for me are the fruit bread, the baguette (ooh that deep crust!) and the kumara sourdough. The breadmaking process takes about 36 hours, which helps to develop the great flavour, as well as making the bread far more digestible. It also keeps really well – just wrap it in a clean tea towel and store in the pantry. This is bread the way it used to be made and the way bread should taste. Wild Wheat Bakery also has cakes and other sweet things, and you can pick up a great sandwich for lunch, then go eat it on Takapuna Beach. Wild Wheat is located at 1/69 Lake Road, Belmont (the Takapuna store has closed down but you can buy the whole range of breads everyday at Farro Fresh in Constellation Drive. You can check out the range of products and some background information on the Wild Wheat website.

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  1. Chris Reply

    We have just polished off a piece of pide filled with the most delicious mix of roasted mixed veges and other mysterious tasty ingredients, followed by a modestly named “Apple Slice” which in reality was a creation redolent of the Stone Oven of 20 years ago when we revelled every weekend in the creations ofa brilliant German pastry chef whose name eludes me- light flakey pastry, a thin layer of custard and very thinly sliced apple, still slightly crunchy, with a light glaze to seal and add a touch of sweetness. Yum! I’ll be back. And what’s more these were purchased from the Takapuna shop at 3.00m on Sunday, probably baked hours before, but still very fresh to the taste. Bravo!

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