365 Days | #17 | RPM Class

Start your day at a Les Mills RPM class with Olly the trainer! Phew, it’s a bit chilly only 5 degrees, bound to be a frost somewhere but not here on the North Shore, and it’s going to be a beautiful day. There are only 20 or so this morning as the other thing to do this morning is watch the final of the World Cup. Olly works us hard and despite a cold start, the sweat starts to drip off my nose 15 minutes in. I start to strip off and I am breathing hard.

This is a great start to a day, and I end up feeling euphoric as the endorphins flow and as soon as I am finished my tummy tells me it’s breakfast time. There are spin classes at most gyms on the North Shore but Les Mills is particularly well equipped, I think their training bikes are the best there are and the trainers, Olly, Frida, Pete Leo are fantastic. Highly recommended.

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