365 Days | #26 | Zavito Restaurant and Bar

It’s been a crazy busy week (the blog has been much neglected) and friends suggest a “cheap & cheerful” at a local cafe. Zavito, at 6:30 on a Friday evening, is absolutely full and there are more people coming through the door. They’re happy to sit at the bar while they wait for a table. We resist the delicious sounding special of the day and stick to the plan – a couple of pizzas to share along with a good pinot noir (some things just can’t be compromised), We indulge in an entree of calamari and realise we’re in for a good night. Very tasty, melt in the mouth, not too salty, just a little bit spicy – perfect, really.

It’s a fair wait for the pizza, but the atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and happy, and we’re happy, too. The wait staff are chatty, but not intrusive, and the owner is front of house, busy working along with his staff = great teamwork and good spirits. The woodfired pizzas arrive and are duly dispatched – a seafood variety which is a special of the day, and a Morroccon style with generous slices of tender lamb, black olives and spinach. The crust is deliciously thin and crisp. We’re delighted with the quality of the food, the prices and the excellent service. We’ll be back another day to try something that is perhaps less cheap but I’m sure will be just as cheerful. You can find Zavito at 404 Beach Road in Mairangi Bay. They open every night for dinner, and they do brunch on Sundays.

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