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Special Report | 7 Secrets to Getting a Great Price for Your Home

There are 7 Secrets to getting a great price when you sell your home on the North Shore of Auckland. And a brand new special report explains exactly what these are and how to use them.
If you are planning on selling your home in the next 3-6 months them make sure you read “The 7 Secrets to getting a great price when you sell your home”. You can get your copy of this FREE SPECIAL REPORT (there is no obligation) simply by   CLICKING HERE.

You’ll learn how to target key buyers who will give you a great price. You’ll discover simple ways to make your home look super attractive to these buyers and some handy tips on marketing. Any of these secrets can help you get thousands of dollars more when you sell your home.
Here’s what some of my clients, who have used the tactics and tips in this report, have said about marketing campaigns we have conducted:
“Now that the Christmas rush is over, I wanted to write to you and thank you very sincerely for the time and effort that you put in to the marketing and selling of our home.
Both Graham and I were very aware that this exercise was a particularly tricky one for you, as well as for us, but it is thrilling to have the sale behind us so we can move ahead with our future plans.
Tony, at the beginning of our marketing exercise you promised you would give our property 100%. That you did, and more! We wish you all the very best for the future and we would not hesitate in recommending you to any one else looking for someone to market and sell their home.”
Graeme and Dianne Rice
“Just a note of thanks for selling our house for such a great price! we would not hesitate to recommend Harcourts and Tony and Pip White to our friends and family.
We wanted to sell our house privately and save the commission. But first we asked Tony for his advice. He sold it for nearly $100,000 more just 4 weeks later. We were amazed that over 200 people attended the auction and that we got such a good price it was featured on the front page of the NZ Herald.”
Jerry Firth.
Using even one of these strategies can help you to get thousands (and even tens of thousands) of dollars more when you sell your home.
Most of these strategies are logical and obvious when you see them explained.  They are ‘common sense’ if you like.
The interesting thing about common sense, though, is how uncommon it actually is. You would be amazed how often smart people forget to use some of these simple ideas when they sell their home. And end up with an average result rather than a great one.
The good news is that all seven of these secrets are very easy to understand and are simple to use. (Particularly if you follow the last secret.) Please don’t even consider putting your house on the market on the North Shore before you have read this report. Call Tony on 0800 61 8888 and I’ll have your copy in the mail right away!

CLICK HERE NOW for your copy of this


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