Coastal Walk | Long Bay to Devonport

This 23 km urban walk takes you from Long Bay in the north to Devonport in the south, where you can catch a Fullers Auckland ferry to link with Auckland’s coast to coast walk.
Te Araroa logos, markers on posts, and small fingerboards on poles mark the all-tide route. This route follows cliff top tracks, pedestrian shortcuts, steps and footpaths.
At low tide only, it is possible to walk almost all the way on the shoreline, but be wary – rocks may be very slippery and unstable underfoot, and there are high unstable cliffs above you.
You will need to take careful note of the time of low tide, as there are several points where you can be cut off by the rising water. If you want to walk the whole way during one low tide, prepare to do some wading. Alternatively, break the walk part way, and complete it at low tide the following day.
All walkers must come inshore between Castor Bay Esplanade and Milford Beach to cross Wairau Creek on the Inga Road bridge. There is no foreshore route between these two beaches. Wairau Creek cannot be safely forded at any stage of the tide. It takes approximately 7 hours to complete the whole walk.
Te Araroa Trust was formed by a small group of enthusiasts to pursue the goal of a New Zealand hiking trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff – a total distance of 2,920 km.
Te Araroa Trust has:
* Designed the trail route.
* Won the support of 14 district, city and regional councils.
* Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Conservation.
* Signed up five regional trusts to administer the trail in their regions.
Te Araroa will traverse 10 cities en-route. The North Shore City Coastal Walk is Te Araroa’s first fully marked up urban
This information was taken from the North Shore City Council website.
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