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Getting a Great Price for your North Shore Home

Do you know the 7 secrets to getting a great price when you sell your home on the North Shore?

A brand new 12 page SPECIAL REPORT is now available which shows home owners 7 secrets to getting a great price when they sell their home. Here are just a few of the critical things you will learn when you read the 7 Secrets Report.

I f you are planning on selling your home within the next 3-6 months, don’t do anything until you have read this FREE REPORT. Selling your home is a complex process with a lot of money at stake, so it’s vital you do it right.

Secret 1 is all about the “two magic words”. Here you will learn the two words that will determine how successful you are at getting a great price when you sell your home. These two words can also be used to help you get great results in every area of your life.

Secret 2 covers the key buyers you must identify if you want a great price for your home. In this secret you will get a quick introduction to seven different groups of buyers and why each one is important to getting a great price. You’ll also get a simple exercise to help you identify a special group of buyers who will fall in love with your home and be far more willing to give you a great price.

Secret 3 shows why good marketing always helps in getting a great price for your home and why you need to use a number of different marketing approaches to attract different groups of buyers.

Secret 4 explains the simple things you can do to make your home look super attractive to all potential buyers. You’ll discover two inexpensive things you can do to instantly make your home far more appealing and attractive.

Secret 5 has some critical tips on how to price your home correctly. This is vital in ensuring you get a truly great price.

Secret 6 is all about the importance of good systems to handle all the things that need doing when you sell your home.

Secret 7 is a simple way to save you time and effort and still get a great result.

You can get you free copy of the 7 Secrets special report NOW, by phoning Tony on 0800 61 8888 or emailing Tony by clicking on this link:


and  send Tony an email and request your own copy of the

7 Secrets of Getting a Great Price When You Sell Your Home.

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