Group Architect Home in Northcote

I love these homes and it was a real pleasure to find another. They showcase New Zealand architectural innovation in the mid 20th century. The architect here is James Hackman from 1966. The home hugs the contour of the hill and is oriented to the north to take advantage of the outdoor living. This one has a carport and has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel.

Interiors are open plan living of course with extensive use of rimu flooring, cupboards and a bespoke kitchen. Completely original throughout I detected only that the owners has painted the ceiling beams.

Bedrooms are not large with the emphasis on family living in the two lounges on different levels. Everywhere built in rimu cupboards for storage. While 15 years younger than the one I sold at 103 Oceanview Road back in June it still show the hallmarks of  a true Group Architect home. Are they selling? Not yet!

You may know more about the architect and of other similar homes, I would love to know!

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  1. Susan Reply

    Great site. I’m also looking out for modernist architecture 3bed+ on the Shore. Please email me if you have anything coming up.

  2. Tony White Reply

    We have a 1970’s home in Forrest Hill just new to the market. Not quite modernist, but some cool 1970’s features. Orange glass in tall narrow window frames at the front door, shoji screens in the lounge and dining rooms, big views of Auckland city.
    What you will really like is the construction, Bricks on a block base, tile roof and tons of ….space….At least 4 bedrooms a huge workshop, a rumpus complete with a 1970’s bar.

  3. Dan Reply

    Hey Tony, I’m looking for a modernist house as well and would love to hear about anything that is coming up for sale. Has the 3 bedroom one you refer to above been sold? Cheers Dan

  4. Lisa Joe Reply

    Hi Tony,I’ve stumbled on your website and after reading about your sale at 103 Ocean View Rd, I’ve kicked myself so hard I will have trouble walking in the morning! Having just begun searching for our next home, and being fans of the modernist style of The Group, my husband and I viewed the property last year with another agent. Like you we concured the white wash was a revelation in this style, but as my husband is 6ft3, the low ceiling staircase to the bottom storey was impractical. Had we known then it was a Group house, we would surely not have walked away!
    In the end, we decided to enjoy one more summer in our current house in Muriwai, and only now have started making plans to sell, looking again for a home back on the Shore. Takapuna, Northcote and Birkenhead Points are all places we have lived and would return. If you come across (or better, list) other modernist homes in these areas, please keep in touch. Now, in search of the antiflamme for the bruised shin. Cheers, LJ

    • Tony White Reply

      We have one coming up and I know you will want it. Original: untouched, exposed beam, open plan, 3 bedrooms next to a park.

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