North Shore Seller's Guide

  • Rightsize Your Life

    Join us for a free information evening that will help answer your questions, present you with some options and show you the pitfalls when you choose to downsize your home and rightsize your life. Speakers: Tony White – Long term North Shore resident, selling homes since 1998 and on a quest to rightsize his own … Continued

  • North Shore Property Report

    orre                         Keep up to date with the property sales in your neighbourhood with our North Shore Property Report If you can’t find your suburb in the list, give us a call on 0800 61 8888 and we’ll add it in. Click the suburb … Continued

  • North Shore Real Estate Trends; Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    North Shore real estate takes off.

    Almost everyone I meet asks me what is trending in the real estate market. Is now the right time to buy for more capital gain – or sell and go to the country? Some talk of a bubble – and some that prices will continue to rise. We have got more information coming through with … Continued

  • Disclosure When Selling Property

      No property is perfect, but to entice buyers you want to show off the best points about the house you are selling. There are certain things that you will need to disclose, however.

  • How to Get a Great Price for Your Home #1

    Get Serious! So what does this have to do with getting a great price when you sell your home? These two magic words explain success in many areas of life. Valerie Adams has just demonstrated the power of Getting Serious in her 54th consecutive win, achieving gold for shot-put at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Achieving … Continued

  • Immigration Surge Good News for Sellers

    Numbers are way up for net immigration flow – 100,800 for the year to June. Of these, 28,000 were NZ citizens returning after being away for more than a year. In June last year, we suffered a net loss of 1550 migrants to Australia. This year, the net loss to Australia was a mere 20. … Continued

  • Home Buyer Profiles #1

    If you want to sell your home, choose an agent who understands buyer profiling and has the klout to find you the best buyer (the one who will pay the most)

  • Vendor Testimonial | 669 Beach Road

  • Tony White:The North Shore’s Leading Online Real Estate Agent

    North Shore Real Estate

    When selling your home, it’s essential to get the very best online presence to get the very best price. Tony White will show you how.

  • Selling your property? Why set a Deadline?

    Setting a deadline to sell your property makes things happen You see many homes today marketed by Auction, Tender and Deadline Sale/Set Date of Sale. This is because these sellers are serious and buyers understand they are serious about a result. They also know this because properties marketed using these strategies have strong marketing campaigns, … Continued

  • The power of getting your house sale right first time

    There is no doubt that today’s home buyers, looking to make that move, are very price conscious, very price and value educated. This means that even when they see the property that is ideal for them, they won’t just pay any price. There is also no doubt that some properties languish on the market for months. … Continued

  • Market timing – is Christmas a good time to sell your house?

    94% Success Rate for January 2011 At this time of the year many people ask if it is a good time to sell their  property. The reason they ask is because the Christmas break is coming along and they are not certain if their  house will sell before Christmas and what happens over the holiday … Continued

  • North Shore Real Estate Market Surges

    The North Shore Real Estate market has rebounded with strong interest from buyers and sellers

  • Top 12 Ways to Sell Your North Shore Home in the Spring

    Tips for Winning Spring Home Buyers on the North Shore real estate market. Spring is a great time to sell a home on the North Shore.

  • Getting a Great Price for your North Shore Home

    A brand new 12 page SPECIAL REPORT is now available which shows home owners 7 secrets to getting a great price when they sell their home. Here are just a few of the critical things you will learn when you read the 7 Secrets Report.

  • Special Report | 7 Secrets to Getting a Great Price for Your Home

    There are 7 secrets to getting a great price when you sell your home on the North Shore of Auckland New Zealand. FREE special report.

  • Open Home Preparation

    Preparing for an open home is a critical part of successfully selling your home; some advice

  • Selling In Winter in New Zealand, 9 more Tips!

    Selling a home in winter in New Zealand, has its own challenges, here are 9 tips to help you get sold!

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