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Selling your property? Why set a Deadline?

Setting a deadline to sell your property makes things happen

You see many homes today marketed by Auction, Tender and Deadline Sale/Set Date of Sale.
This is because these sellers are serious and buyers understand they are serious about a result. They also know this because properties marketed using these strategies have strong marketing campaigns, another indication the seller is serious, and buyers love serious sellers.
Let’s look at the benefit of setting a Deadline;

  • Everyone knows the date you want it sold by. You, your agent and the buyers. Everyone is focused on a result. After that the buyers may have missed out.
  • Three, four or five weeks on the market maintains interest and stops the property rolling into that danger zone of too long on the market.
  • No price is published so buyers don’t know your maximum.
  • They all have strong marketing to identify all potential buyers.
  • It also means we can structure a sensible marketing campaign investment because we know the expected time on the market.
  • The deadline makes buyers do their homework, such as Valuations and Building Inspections prior to the sale, so there maybe less conditions. Remember Auction is always unconditional.
  • Any sign of competition should have buyers making their best offer and if need be, removing any conditions that weaken their offer. We all like certainty.
  • You know that open homes won’t go on for week after week, you know you are sold, you can make your next move comfortably knowing the best campaign to find the best buyer for your property has done its job.

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