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Using the Internet to help you sell for more money is critical in today’s real estate market, and especially on internet savvy North Shore!
When I turned up at the office a few years ago saying that print advertising was in decline and that soon all real estate marketing would be online, few believed me. Some of my colleagues were actually upset about my views. I was a little early perhaps, but the fact is, 80% of our buyers check the internet first.
Every day, 100’s of emails and phone calls come in from buyers enquiring about homes for sale that they have found on the internet. A few years ago it was just a trickle.
Many years ago, when marketing property online was a brand new idea, I sold a house in Rangatira Road, Takapuna to some buyers in London. They had seen the property online and sent a family member around to take a look. It was promptly bought for the asking price. At the time it was remarkable. Now, I get overseas enquiry every week – Switzerland, Canada, USA, UK and of course Australia. Recently I had a seller find me on the internet – he lives in Perth, WA – and had two houses to sell in Forrest HIll. The buyers first saw the properties online, and both were sold within a 4 week sales campaign.
I regularly take overseas buyers out looking at property, and these are people who have found me and my properties online.
The market for North Shore homes is international, truly global.
It’s also immediate. Buyers expect instant results. It’s not enough to be on a website. Buyers need to be able to find your property online. More and more, buyers just “Google” what they’re looking for. You and I both know that, of course, because it’s what we do!
Your property must be first online, in any Google search. In New Zealand and around the world, Google is the No 1 search engine. Getting your property on the first page of any Google search in your suburb is an essential part of any worthwhile marketing campaign.
Marketing your property online is completely cost effective. It costs the same to reach one person online as it does to reach millions. It’s not difficult to do, it’s easy.
Let me show you how.


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