365 Days | #29 | Waiwera Thermal Resort

Formerly known simply as Waiwera Hot Pools, this holiday attraction just north of the North Shore has undergone some huge changes in recent years. It’s always been popular with families and groups of teens for a weekend or evening outing, and now there’s even more reasons to visit. They’ve had the movie pool for some time, running two sessions each day (4pm & 7pm) of family movies. Click here to see what’s screening today. There are a number of pools to suit your age and temperature preference. The hydoslides have always been a big hit with the kids, both big and small, and some super duper new slides are being installed.

To complete the day’s outing, you have a choice to use the BBQs provided, or you can try the Dining Room, and the woodfired pizza menu in particular. Waiwera Thermal Resort now has a Beauty Spa, a Wellness Centre and a Dental Surgery on site. They’ve really covered all the bases and I think it’s great the way this business has changed with the times and continued to attract a huge number of visitors. To get there, just follow the old main road north from Orewa – its just over the hill, you can’t miss it. Prices vary depending on the number in your group, e.g. $60 family pass. Click here to view the Waiwera website.

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