365 Days | #36 | Farro Fresh

I resisted the temptation to visit Farro Fresh in its first week on the Shore – just knew it was going to be crazy busy. Finally got to have a look on a reasonably quiet Thursday afternoon and I love it already!

While a lot of the products are available in different outlets around the Shore, it’s great having produce of this quality altogether in one place. Artisan breads (Wild Wheat and Paneton), Bennett’s chocolates, deli products that can be hard to find outside Sabato, fresh fruit and veges, cheeses, top quality meat and seafood, and you can even get an excellent coffee. Dinner on Thursday night, thanks to Farro, was fresh Aoraki salmon (from the pristine waters near Mt Cook) and fresh Queensland prawns. While they were pricey, they were absolutely delicious and, unusually, had not been frozen. This is the first time I’ve been able to buy such a thing in NZ.

There’s plenty of parking and a fairly convenient location if you’re a driver: corner Constellation and Parkway Drive, right next to the Park ‘n’ Ride. Of course, if you commute by bus, it’s quite a handy spot to disembark, grab your groceries, and jump back on the next bus home.

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