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Beautiful Smells will Sell your Property

Oil Burner and essential oil

My readers know I’m passionate about property marketing, home staging and architectural photography.

After meeting with Bronwyn Jackson last Thursday I was introduced to what I now consider the missing link in the property marketing mix. It is smell.


We know scents conjure up emotional responses and we also know that first impressions can make a huge impact on selling your property.

Therefore the smell of your home is very important, not only in the making it smell nice but in the emotional impression it gives out to prospective buyers.

The “Smell to Sell” is a commonly accepted real estate strategy that often brings great results.

The power of specific scents warms up prospective buyers and makes them instantly feel at home inyour home.

Here are some keys tips on what you can do with essential oils in your home so it smells fresh, homely and sets a beautiful environment & atmosphere as they are walking around your house.

It has to be inviting, warm and friendly and we can certainly make this happen with fragrancing your home with essential oils

Firstly, when the client first walks into your house they should smell an uplifting fragrance that will emotionally make them think of ‘home’.

A lot of people are aware of how the smell of baking wafting out of the kitchen has become a cunning way of creating this.

The trouble with this, it has got a little obvious and people get suspicious easily, thinking “that old trick of freshly baked bread smell” and so it can conjure up negative or “what are they hiding” reactions.

Whatever your opinion on this though, while creating a nice alluring smell in the kitchen the smell doesn’t seem to waft beyond the kitchen or hang around, and more importantly it might only smell good to people who are hungry (and then their mind may drift to eating rather than thinking about buying your house).

Also it doesn’t mask any unruly or ‘not so nice’ smells that your potential buyers could still smell.

Essential oils are the easiest, most efficient way to create this homely feel and uplifting atmosphere that gives potential buyers a great feel or vibe about your house.


Have an essential oil diffuser in the hall way or in the area that the prospective buyers walk into first, and have at least one other vaporiser going in another prominent area in the house.

You need to have the aroma obvious but yet subtle and you need to have them lasting for the two hours or so of the open home.

Have the oils vaporising a good 5 minutes prior to the open homes so by the time the first person walks through the door the aromas are eminent.

In the diffusers have quite a few drops (10-20 depending on the size of the area) of firstly a refreshing oil such as lemon, tangerine, bergamot & add to that another oil such as cedarwood,  rosewood, palmarosa (7-10 drops) .

Or you could pick up a pre-blended Green Remedies’ ‘Smell & Sell Synergy’ which has these kinds of smells in it but it is also blended with secretive essential oils that have been known to actually increase sales.

This blend will make people want to buy your home or as an agent this synergy will get you in such a top positive go get ‘em attitude.

If everything else with the house ticks all the boxes, having these aromas in the environment will definitely be a winner.

For any questions or to order the “Smell & Sell” essential oil synergy visit our website

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